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Originally published in the Product Spotlight section of Volume 5, Issue 3 of Alcoholmanac Magazine

By Colleen Rook

a picture of Three Olives SuperCola

Three Olives is certainly not new to the scene, and since 1998 has expanded in distribution and popularity by means of producing a solid range of vodkas whose variety of flavors now numbers 20.

Distilled and produced in the UK, Three Olives’ increasingly-unconventional vodkas have elbowed their way onto shelves and menus nationwide here in the US. The company cranks out spirits with flavors ranging from run-of-the-mill cherry to the near-ominous-sounding ‘Purple.’

One of their newest endeavors, SuperCola, delivers a smooth flavor without any medicinal aftertaste. It smacks of a non-carbonated mixed drink—the soda flavoring is powerful enough that the vodka itself barely announces its presence.

SuperCola is an accessible choice for folks who like it sweet and simple. It seems odd at first to taste cola without carbonation; a splash of lemon-lime soda solves that, leaving no complaints in its wake.

70 proof, gluten-free and vegan-friendly, Three Olives SuperCola adds to the growing list of possibilities of taste combinations, especially when paired with some of their other offerings. It’s most definitely not for purists, but for those who like a sweet little kick to our cocktails, it certainly remains an attractive option.