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Coruba Dark Rum
The Rum Company
Kingston, Jamaica
80 Proof

By Gerard Heidgerken of

Also hailing from Jamaica is Coruba, another traditional-style dark rum featuring a blend of pot-stilled and column-stilled production. While not as recognized in the States as other brands, Coruba has enjoyed huge success in New Zealand, where it’s been the #2 top-selling spirit since the ‘80s.

In the glass, Coruba is an extremely dark amber with a surprisingly timid nose. The signature molasses and oak aromas are present, but strangely distant in a fashion I’d almost call nostalgic if it didn’t sound so pretentious. So instead I’ll settle for “restrained” and move along.

In stark contrast to its “restrained” nose, in the mouth Coruba Dark is a sharp wake-up call. Hot and thick, this is more a rum of physical sensation than actual flavor. Unlike Myers’s tingly comfort, Coruba is a slow burn that could nicely serve in place of a host of energy drinks to get the blood flowing. The burn returns in gradually-receding waves along the finish, leaving you with a feeling not unlike the after-effects of tasting a particularly potent salsa.

Coruba isn’t a rum I’d recommend straight up, but it could indeed add a wild spark to an otherwise tame cocktail.